Unit 6 - Nutrition - A Balanced Diet

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  • Nutrition: A Balanced Diet
    • Nutrients
      • Macronutrients
        • Carbohydrates - should be 55%
          • Found in rice, bread and pasta
          • Primary source of energy - contain glucose
          • Often needed by endurance athletes like marathon runners who need lots of energy
        • Proteins - should be 25%
          • Found in meat, fish, dairy and eggs
          • Help re-build and repair muscle
          • Often needed by high impact athletes like weight lifters
        • Fats - should be 15 %
          • Found in cheese, butter and oils
          • Give us energy for low intensity exercise, but too much can cause health issues
          • Useful for athletes that need large body mass, such as sumo wrestlers
      • Micronutrients
        • Fibre
          • Found in plants, seeds and whole grain bread
          • Helpful for our digestive system
          • Useful for all athletes to prevent edisease
        • Minerals (Calcium and Iron)
          • Calcium found in dairy, Iron found in red meat
          • Calcium helps our bones, iron helps us produce blood cells
          • Helpful for all athletes to have strong bones and produce blood cells
        • Vitamins
          • Vit C - found in fruit and veg, helps prevent disease
          • Vit D - found in fish, milk and sunshine, helps us absorb calcium
          • Vit A - found in cheese and carrots, helps our eyesight


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