Observational Design

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  • Observational Design
    • standardised, planned & systematic and they objectively observe and record behaviour
    • The way to record data  is to make a tally chart of the different behaviour categories that you have chosen to observe. 
    • Event sampling
      • Event sampling consists of the researcher recording an event every time it happens
      • WEAKNESS
        • It may be difficult to record all behaviours if some happen at the same time so important information may be missed.
      • STRENGTH
        • Useful when target behaviour happens infrequently and could be missed if time sampling was used.
    • Time sampling
      • Time sampling occurs when the researcher records behavior in a fixed time period
      • STRENGTH
        • Effective in reducing the number of observations that have to be made. 
      • WEAKNESS
        • The instances when a behaviour is sampled might be unrepresentative of the observation as a whole.


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