Occupiers liability - lawful visitors

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  • Occupiers liability - lawful visitors
    • Duty of care
      • Take such care that the visitor will be reasonably safe using the premises for which he is invited to be there
        • Laverton v Kiapasha Takeaway Supreme
        • Danger must be foreseeable
          • Dean and Chapter of Rochester Cathedral v Debell
        • Doesn't extend to pure accidents
          • Cole v Davis-Gilbert
    • Lawful adult visitors
      • Invitees
        • Anyone invited to enter
      • Licensees
        • Anyone with permission to be there for a particular period
      • Those with contractual permission
        • Eg. A person with a ticket to an event
      • Those with a statutory right to enter
        • Eg. Police with warrants
    • Liability for children
      • Occupier must be prepared for children to be less careful than adults
        • Occupier not liable if child should have been supervised
          • Phipps v Rochester Corporation
        • Glasgow Corporation v Taylor
        • Occupier should guard against allurements
          • Jolley v London Borough of Sutton
    • Liability for tradesmen
      • Tradesmen should guard against any special risks related to his trade
        • Roles v Nathan
    • Liability for independent contractors
      • Must be reasonable for the occupier to give work to the contractor
        • Hasedine v Daw and Son
      • Contractor must be competent and insured
        • Bottomley v Todmorden Cricket Club
      • Occupier must check to make sure work is done properly
        • Woodward v Mayor of Hastings


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