Odyssey Modern Scholarship

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  • The Odyssey - Modern Scholarship
    • Odysseus
      • W.A. Camps
        • "the capacity to inspire affection and regard as husband, man, and king"
      • Barbara Clayton
        • "Odysseus compensates for his lack of physical impressiveness by means of verbal skills"
      • C.M. Bowra
        • "his need for cunning is enforced by his own recklessness"
      • Seth Schein
        • "By turns a comic character, a tragic hero, a stoic sage, and a villain, Odysseus could never.. be pinned down"
    • Penelope
      • Peter Jones
        • Her veil is "a sign of modesty and/or chastity"
      • Finley
        • Penelope is "a key to the unity of the poem"
      • Emily Wilson
        • "She's canny, she's strong-willed, she has grit"
      • Jasper Griffin
        • "By her self-command and guile, Penelope shows herself to be like him; the true wife for the hero of the Odyssey"
    • Suitors
      • C.M. Bowra
        • The suitors are the opposite of the heroic ideal, "a degenerate corruption of heroes"
    • Disguise
      • Peter Jones
        • "his [Odysseus'] disguises and deceptions are all a means to a justifiable and suitably heroic end."
      • Andrew Parks
        • "Athene's disguise as Mentes introduces the motif of 'disguised identity followed by significant revelation.'"
      • James Morrison
        • "There are costs to revealing you name, choosing to conceal it might have benefits"
    • War
      • W.A. Camps
        • "the Odyssey looks back with grief and regret to the war at Troy"
      • Peter Jones
        • "the household... rather than the battlefield, the centre of the world."
    • Nostos
      • Gregory Nagy
        • "the Odyssey is the final and definitive statement about the theme of a heroic homecoming"
      • Ahuvia Kahane
        • "The actions of the Odyssey are motivated by the idea of a return to the 'inner space' by Odysseus"
      • Barbra Graziosi
        • "Homer wants us to realise above all interests Odysseus' desire is to get home to Ithaca"


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