Official statistics

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  • Official Statistics
    • Representativeness
      • can you generalise?
        • yes! government statistics generally cover the whole of the UK
    • Effectiveness
      • They are very useful in that the sociologist can gain a picture of patterns and trends across the UK
        • issues with validity and problems with definitions either changing/ differing to that used by the sociologists
          • Use stats as part of triangulation
            • Triangulation
              • Methodological pluralism is the use of multiple methods
              • Many sociologists combine the methods they use in order to get a fuller picture
                • the weaknesses of one method may be cancelled out by the strengths of an other
                  • E.g. a positivist method (official stats) might be combined with an interpretivist one (unstructured one)
      • conclusion
        • how useful is this method?
          • A03 Evaluation


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