Oleanna AO4

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  • Oleanna AO4
    • Anita Hill vs. Clarence Thomas 1991
    • The American Dream
    • PC movement
    • Speech codes in the workplace
      • Water buffalo case, University Pennsylvania, 1993
    • Higher education in America (e.g. tenure, self-centred professors, universities m/c havens...)
    • Gender politics/ sexism/ feminism/ gender equality
      • Be careful of generalisations
    • Mamet as a playwright (e.g. job as lecturer, his direct experience of similar situations)
    • Oleanna's title and its inspiration
    • Modern technology and social networking - the effects on communication
      • Closer or further relationships
    • William H. Macy and Debra Eisenstadt in the film version directed by Mamet
    • Controversy surrounding the play, arguments in auditorium
    • Literary context may be briefly references e.g. 1984 - thought police/Harold Pinter


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