opposition and resistance in war time

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  • opposition and resistance in war time
    • Bonhoeffer: his aim was to help jews escape from Germany. He achieves to help 14 jews.
      • However,  he was not successful as he was arrested and sent to Buchenwald. Later executed in 1945.
        • showing opposition to have little impact on the weakening of the nazi dictatorship as wasn't successful in being a threat.
        • opposition strengthened Nazi dictatorship as killing the opposition meant it got rid of opposition, so they only had supporters
      • shows he has an impact on nazi dictatorship as he is going against Nazi ideology and policies against jews.
    • White rose group: this was a student resistant movement from Munich Uni. Led by Hans and Sophie Scholl. They wanted to encourage mass opposition.
      • They opposed by spreading Anti-Nazi leaflets and posters.
        • This was another failure as it didn't lead to mass opposition nor any policy changes. They were harshly dealt with
        • opposition were having an impact on the weakness of nazi dictatorship as this would have lead to a loss of support.
    • edelweiss pirates:The non-conformists resistance. They had different hair, clothes, music,ect. and refused to join the Hitler Youth
      • this shows opposition to have an impact on the weakness of the nazi dictatorship as they was limiting nazi power by not conforming to their rules .
      • However, because they killed a Hitler Youth leader, the young people involved were hung, showing no threat to the nazis and therefore had little impact on the weakening of the dictatorship.
    • Kreisau Circle: Elites who were close to Hitler wanted to kill him because they disagree with policies and want to end WW2 and Holocust.
      • a threat to Nazis and weakening the dictatorship as they had access to Hitler and can be in a close proximity to Hitler, so can be a huge threat.
        • July bomb plot: also know as Stauffenburg bomb plot and operation Valkyrie. could kill Hitler and therefore could weaken dictatorship.
          • bomb fails to kill Hitler, but does kill lots of others. Plotters were then rounded up and executed along with 5000 more, using this as an excuse to kill more people thought to be opposition. Little impact on weakness as Nazis overcome the threat.
  • opposition has impact in weakening dictatorship
  • opposition had little impact in weakening dictatorship


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