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  • Conflicting Attitudes: War and Milyukov Crisis
    • What were the conflicting attitudes
      • Pg-Fight war until an outright victory had been achived
      • Ps- Wanted war over- willing to compromise
    • Who was forced to resign and how was the makeup of the pg changed
      • Milyukov resigned
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    • What were the two names of the crisis that broke out over the topic of war?
      • April Crisis
      • Milyukov Crisis
    • What was Revolutionary defencism
      • Designed by Tseretel
      • Russia would bring about a general peace settlement
      • Wouldn't seek to make territorial gains.
      • Would defend against invading armies.
    • Why was it adopted by the socialists.
      • Longing for peace among Russian workers and peasants
      • Didn't want imperialist war.
      • Feared Military defeat.
    • What was Milykovs role during 1917
      • Foreign minister.
    • How did his views about Russia's war policy differ to that of the socialists?
      • Opposed Revolutionary defensism. Wanted to fight until victory
    • What was the declaration of war aims and why was it published
      • Published by the PG stated Russia would continue in war but wouldn't seize territory.
    • How did Milyukov intervene with the declaration
      • Added a private telegram- Russia would fight until the war was won.
    • What was the result of Milyukov meddling
      • Clashes between PS supporters and Pro Milyukov demonstrators.
    • Why was the Milykov crisis significant
      • Demosntrated power of the soviet, ended duel power.
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