types of guidance

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  • types of guidance
    • visual guidance
      • Visual guidance can show the skill as a whole movement, broken down into steps or applied within a real situation
      • especially useful for people starting out
      • example: tennis coach would demonstrate  a serve to learners so it can be replicated.
    • verbal guidance
      • requires coaches and athletes to understand and use the same language and terminology.
      • needs to be specific and accurate so the performer knows exactly what and how to improve.
      • Verbal guidance is given by an observer after watching your performance.
    • manual guidance
      • example, manual guidance is provided when a coach guides an athlete's arm to mimic a javelin throw or when a coach supports a gymnast to do a backflip.
      • provided during practice rather than performance.
      • when a performer is physically guided or supported by the coach.
    • mechanical guidance
      • used at the early stages of learning
      • example;using a float in swimming to develop leg action and body position in front crawl
      • when a piece of equipment or an aid is used to help a performer learn and practise a skill.


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