Cold War Origins Dates

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  • Origins of the Cold War
    • Super Power Tensions:  Churchill was now replaced with Atlee and Truman had replaced Roosevelt. Truman was heavily anti-communist.
    • 1947: Truman Doctrine, wanted to 'contain' communism. Fundamental to the change in superpower relations.
    • 1946: George Kennan sent a 'long telegram', warning of danger of USSR.
    • March 1946: 'Iron Curtain' speech warning danger of communism and aggravated Soviets.
      • This occurred following Soviet violations of the pacts concerning 'free elections' in Poland which were made at the Yalta conference, 1945.
    • 1947: Marshall Plan: A concept by George Marshall to provide financial aid to capitalist countries in Europe. In an effort to contain communism, the US gave out more than $13 billion.
    • 1947: The formation of Cominform as a response to the formation of Trizonia, the creation of the Deutschmark and also the Marshall Plan and the Truman Doctrine.
    • June 1948 - May 1949: Berlin Blockade, first physical act of aggression from USSR. Following the Blockade, Germany was split into two separate states.
    • 1948: Czech Coup d'état. Soviets didn't directly involve themselves but US believed that they supported the communist takeover.
    • NATO created in 1949.
    • 1945: Warsaw Pact signed. The Soviet response to NATO was a signed agreement amongst the communist states to form an alliance.
    • Korean War: 1950-53. First and only physical war in the Cold War. Ultimately the Cold War extended to Far East due to US intervention.


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