Othello - act 3 scene 3

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  • Othello - Act 3 Scene 3
    • Summary
      • Desdemona assures Cassio she will speak with Othello
      • Iago begins to sow seeds of suspicion in Othello's mind
      • Othello complains his head hurts, and when Desdemona tries to help she drops the handkerchief
      • Emilia picks it up and Iago takes it from her
      • Iago plans to plan this handkerchief in Cassio's room
      • Othello returns and Iago says he has seen Cassio using the handkerchief
      • Othello becomes convinced Desdemona is cheating
    • Context
      • Race
        • and yet how nurture erring from itself-
      • Gender
        • Excellent wretch!
        • that we call these delicate creatures our and not their appetites
        • I have a pain upon my forehead here
        • I nothing but to please his fancy
        • it is a common thing to have a foolish wife
    • Characters
      • Cassio
      • Othello
      • Iago
      • Desdemona
      • Emilia
    • Jealousy
      • it is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat if feeds on
      • id rather be a toad and live upon the vapour of a dungeon..
      • to furnish me with some wifi means of death...
    • Relationships
      • Why then tomorrow night or Tuesday morn...
      • When (Cassio) that came a wooing with you...
      • nor from mine own weak merits will I draw... she had eyes and chose me
      • she's gone I am abused
      • Ad Dians visage
    • Betrayal
      • That he would steal away so guilty like
      • look to your wife observe her well with Cassio
      • ...Foul disproportion, thoughts unnatrual
      • ... shall ever medicine thee to that seat sleep
      • ...and from hence Ill love no friend Sith love breeds such offence
      • death and damnation
      • in sleep I heard him say 'sweet Desdemona let us be wary and hide our loves'
      • to the Propontic and the Hellespont


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