Othello Act Summary

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  • Othello
    • Act 1
      • Iago tells Roderigo how angry he is Cassio was promoted over him. They secretly tell Brabantio about the marriage
      • Brabantio claims Othello has bewitched Desdemona but both Othello and Desdemona defend the marriage
      • Iago's soliloquy reveals his plan to accuse Desdemona of cheating with Cassio
    • Act 2
      • Whilst in Cyprus the war with the Turks is over
      • There is a party where Cassio & Iago are in charge. Cassio gets drunk and in a fight
        • Cassio, who is regretful Othello fires (reputation)
    • Act 3
      • Desdemona reassures Cassio she will speak up for him against Othello, Othello sees the end of the conversation
      • Iago plants seeds of suspicion in Othello's mind
      • Desdemona drops her handkerchief, which Emilia steals
        • Iago uses this as 'proof' of an affair, Othello vows to kill her and asks Iago to kill Cassio
    • Act 4
      • Iago winds Othello up and he has a fit
      • Bianca confronts Cassio about the handkerchief
      • Lodovico witnesses Othello hit Desdemona
      • Emilia's monologue
    • Act 5
      • Roderigo attacks Cassio, who stabs him. Iago stabs Cassio in the leg & Othello thinks he's dead. Iago kills Roderigo
      • Othello suffocates Desdemona
        • Emilia witnesses Desdemona dying and Othello admits he did it
          • Emilia explains the handkerchief & Iago's involvement, who then kills her. Othello Desdemona is innocent
            • Iago is arrested and Othello kills himself


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