Othello act three key events

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  • Othello act three
    • 1. Cassio  attempts to win over Othello in order to get his position back. Desdemona promises Cassio she will try and win him over in Cassio's favour.
    • 2. Desdemona begs Othello to forgive Cassio and restore him to power but he is evasive and so she criticises his hesitance. Othello asks to be left alone.
    • 3. Once alone, Iago begins his accusations and hints towards Desdemona's infidelity. Othello trusts Iago and allows his manipulations to effect him.
    • 4. Othello asks Iago if he believes Cassio to be honest and Iago hesitates implying he thinks not.
    • 5. Iago's implantation of cuckoldry into Othello's mind acts upon his insecurities of his race, age and education.
    • 6. Desdemona and Emilia inform Othello dinner is ready and he complains about a headache. Desdemona offers her handkerchief but he rejects it and it falls to the floor.
    • 7. Emilia retrieves the handkerchief remarking that Iago had been asking her for it. she gives it to him and he is ecstatic. Iago immediately begins his plot to plant it in Cassio's room.
    • 8. Othello enters and demands 'ocular proof' of Desdemona's infidelity. Iago makes up a story about sharing a bed with Cassio claiming he called out Desdemona's name while kissing him.
    • 9. Desdemona realises she has lost the handkerchief. Othello asks her for it talking about the 'magic' it contains. he exits and Bianca and Cassio come out with Bianca holding the handkerchief.


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