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  • Ozymandias
    • Quotes
      • "Two was and trunkless legs of stone"
        • Emphasises size and stature but also shows the the statue is incomplete
      • "king of kings"
        • Irony
          • Ironic to the reader when they are known only via the report of a traveller
          • Ozymondias' pride and arrogance led to his perception of himslef as the "king of kings"
            • Suggest he views himself as omnipotent
        • Angry Language
          • Arrogrant and powerful - he even challenged other rulers
      • "Half sunk, a shattered visage lies"
        • Irony
          • Even a powerful human can't control the damaging effects of time
          • Half of the statue has already been buried in the sand; perhaps the rest will follow?
      • "colossal wreck, boundless and bare"
        • The ruined statue shows how human achievements are insignificant compared to the passing of time
        • Alliteration
          • emphasises the feeling of empty space in the surrounding desert
        • oxymoron
          • accentuates the destruction of the statue
      • "sneer of cold command"
        • the sculptor understood the arrogance of the ruler
        • verb
          • mocking smile, connotes malicious cruelty and hertless.
          • He is mocking his subjects
    • Themes
      • Art
        • The achievements of the sculptor outlive those of his subject
      • Death and Mortality
        • The desert symbolises the passing of time. It erases all traces of Ozy and reminds us that death comes to us all
      • Pride
        • Ozy was proud of what he'd achieved. He called on others to admire what he did
        • The vast size of the statue reflects the ruler's pride.
        • The futility of his prided is demonstrated by the ruin of the statue and his achievements
      • Power
        • Of Humans
        • Of Nature
        • Loss of Power
        • How power declines
        • Ozy's power was absolute.
          • The face of the statue and the words on the pedestal reveal his character.
            • The face of the statue and the words on the pedestal reveal his character.
    • General
      • Percy Shelley
      • Iambic Pentameter
      • Sonnet
      • Human power is transient but art will survive
      • Ramses II
      • Irrefular Rhyme Scheme


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