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  • pacifism
    • Islam
      • islam is a religion of peace. it is difficult for muslims to identify themselves as pacifists beacuse of the duty of jihad
        • "fighting has been ordained for you"
      • in all cases, muslims share principles of pacifism and sympathise with the cause of pacifists
      • The Qur'an advises that if peace is offered, then it must not be refused
        • "but if they [non-believers] incline towards peace, you must also incline towards it"
      • peace is the absence of war, sense of wellbeing and security - being at peace with oneself helps to avoid conflicts with others
        • many muslims find that this sense of inner peace comes from submitting their lives to god and to their faith - being part of the ummah gives them a feeling of solidarity and support
    • Christianity
      • not all christians are pacifists because they believe that war and conflict can be justified on occasions under certain criteria
      • Christian pacifists believe that peace can come through religious faith, supported by prayer and meditation
        • being a peace with oneself helps to avoid conflict with others
        • "blessed are the peacemakers"
          • to be a pacifist is to follow the way of Jesus
      • the Friends' ambulance unit - founded by religious society of Friends - more commonly known as Quakers - pacifism in ww1 and ww2
      • Anglican Pacifist Fellowship - christian pacifist group - believe the chrisitan church should never support or justify war - they organise and contribute to peace-related events
  • muslim peace fellowship - gathering of peace and justice oriented muslims who are devoted to practice of islamic nonviolence
    • working against injustice
    • affirms commitment to peace on behalf of all muslims
    • deepen understanding of islamic peace teachings


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