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  • key sociological concepts
    • systematic
      • completed in a particular organised way which is thoroughly planned
        • systematic is the study of society and how it shapes our lives.
          • it looks closely at human life and different groups of people
            • it shows how people make society
              • for example: a sociologist maybe interested in looking at why middle class children excel at school and why lower class children achieve less
    • norms
      • rules that guides our behavior in particular situation so that we behave as society expects
        • examples of norms
          • going to school
          • holding a door for someone
          • staying in a football stand
    • values
      • the beliefs and ideas held by an individual or a group of people
    • status
      • a position in society you cant change unless if you achieve it through working hard
    • roles
      • patterns of behavior expected of someone of a certain states


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