Classics-Augustus as Pater Patriae

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  • Pater Patriae
    • Summi Viri-Forum of Augustus
      • Statues that show illustrious men - they were the top-most men
      • Augustus added himself in the forum, not as one of the many illustrious men but in the middle, as the best of them
      • Among the men were Aeneas and other ancestors of Augustus which show his pietas (to his father)
    • Ovid: Fasti and Metamorphoses
      • The metamorphoses show the deification of Julius Caesar
        • It implies that Caesar's greatest achievement was fathering Augustus
        • It also implies -A- is a gift from the gods
        • This makes -A-'s father a god, this shows how important he is that his father is deified (and then he is after his death)
        • He avenged his fathers death
        • "he will direct morality by his own example"
    • Ara Pacis
      • Fertility is shown
      • His procession panel
        • He is shown as the Pontifex Maximus(even though he isnt)
        • surrounded by the 4 top priests of the priesthoods
      • His families procession panel
        • They are all wearing proper headdress- his family is also pieus
    • Horace 3.6
      • "girls learning greek dances"
        • The  Julian Laws mean you need to be married- stopping this behaviour
      • "Neglected Gods"
        • Temple of Palatine Apollo
        • Temple of Mars Ultor in the Forum
        • Ara Pacis
        • Temple of Kalabsha in Egypt
    • iustitia
      • coin(pg,73)-- he restored "the laws and rights of the people"
      • Sue56- he narrowed his forum as to not build on others houses
        • He also defended his patrons in court and often showed him and his family werent above the law
      • rg34- "i had no more power than ...colleagues"
    • Modest living and generosity
      • Suetonius 53
        • "he was horrifies at being called my lord"
        • he would leave and enter town at night to stop a welcome party
        • he would talk and attend parties of the commoners
    • Virtus
      • He won against Sextus Pompey- "i freed the sea from pirates
      • He beat Antony at Actium and at Egypt- beating the entire force of Egypt with Cleopatra
      • "at the age of 19...I raised an army"
    • However
      • Suetonius 68-71
        • Accused of having "unatural relations" with Julius Caesar in return for his adoption
        • Antony said that he didnt only have relations with his wife and that they had a relationship when Livia was previously married


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