Peace and conflcit

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  • peace and conflict
    • Holy war
      • 'If they incline to peace you must also incline towards it'
      • war is allowed : persecution, freedom of belief, its a last resort
    • just war theory
      • conditions: last resort, probability of success, proportionality
      • How is war possible: self- defence, authorized by a leader, aim to restore peace
        • other argue that a just was isn't possible because there are disagreements over who the legitimate leaders are e.e Sunni and Shi'a
    • conflict
      • 'do not overstep the limits'
      • non-religious views- political war can be justified but holy war cannot
      • Muslim views - religion isn't to blame as ppl use their free will to make choices
    • pacifism
      • passive resistance
        • Islam  teaches the importance of reconciliation and working together to achieve peace
        • teachings in the Qur'an strive for justice and to resist oppression
        • a way of opposing the government without using violence especially by refusing to obey laws.
    • peace & Peace- making
      • 'when aggressive people address them, reply with words of peace'
      • one of Allah's name is source of peace, Muhammad lead an example, aim of Islam is to create a harmonious society
      • peace-making- justice, reconciliation, forgiving
      • The Qur'an and Muhammed inspire Muslims to work for peace


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