Pearl River Deltar

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  • Pearl River Delta
    • Location: Southeast China, next to the South China Sea.
    • Environmental Problems:
      • Deforestation- trees are being cut down to make way for more factories and houses.
      • Air pollution caused by vehicles and factories.
      • High concentration of power plants= lots of sulphur dioxide emissions as coal is burnt= acid rain
        • In 2007, 8 out of 10 rainfalls in Guangzhou were classified as acid rain.
        • Acid rain damages stonework and contaminates water supplies- affecting marine ecosystems.
      • Lots of waste produced by factories and the people living in the area. Sometimes, waste contains hazardous chemicals which pollute the water and is threatening aquatic species like the Chinese white dolphin.
    • Solutions:
      • Tougher national regulations on vehicle emissions.
      • Government spent $7.1 billion on cleaning up sewage in the river in 2010.
      • Pearl River Delta Air Quality Management Plan aimed to reduce sulphur dioxide emissions from power plants by 40%, using natural gas instead of coal.
      • Stricter pollution regulations.
      • Higher sewage treatment charges.
    • Background Information:
      • The Pearl River is the third longest river in China and runs through the Pearl River Delta- one of the fastest growing manufacturing regions in the world.
      • There are 30 million people employed in manufacturing industries.
      • There are many key industrial cities in the Pearl River Delta, including Zhongshan, Zhuhai, Shenzhen(which produced 70% of the world's photocopiers) and Guangzhou.
        • Industries in the Pearl RIver Delta make over $448 billion a year.


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