Peer Pressure Mindmap

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  • Peer Pressure
    • Why is it hard to stand up to your friends?
      • Because your proud
      • You don't want your friends to think you are weird.
      • You want to seem cool
      • You don't want to be left out or excluded.
    • Why are children and teenagers easy to be peer pressured?
      • They are scared
      • They try to be cool
      • They are young
      • They are afraid of being bullied or teased
    • How to cope with Peer Pressure
      • Plan Ahead
      • Talk to the person who is pressuring you.
      • Talk and Communicate with parents.
      • Give an Excuse
      • Have friends who you know won't pressure you and are similar to you.
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    • When you do something because you want to be accepted or feel accepted by your friends and peers.
    • Can be positive or negative.
    • There are 6 types of peer pressure.


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