Pentheus in the Bacchae

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  • Pentheus
    • Hamartia
      • not believing in Dionysus as a god
        • he CHOSE to have this attitude
          • Dionysus wishes to punish him for this
        • Hubris
    • Anagnorisis
      • when Dionysus removes his influence on him. He 'wakes up'
      • begs his mother to not kill him
      • "Take pity on me mother, and do not kill me, your son, for my mistakes"
        • realises that he should have believed in Dionysus
    • Peripeteia
      • being a king to being killed
    • Character
      • acts in ignorance
        • doesn't realise that the stranger is Dionysus
      • rebukes Cadmus and Tiresias for dressing up as Bacchants
        • rejects Dionysus
        • "fake Bacchic revels"
      • loses all free will and self control once under the control of Dionysus
        • Dio plays with him like a toy/puppet, dressing him up and sending him to death
        • humiliated by Dio - dressing as a bacchant
      • Violent tendencies
        • threatens to stone the stranger and lock the women up
      • Cadmus: dearest of all men
      • Episode 2
        • locks the women up
        • insults the god
          • "do not bind me"
      • curious
        • intrigued by the women on the mountain - wants to fin out more
          • will actually lead to his death
      • Transformation in Episode 3
        • from raging, aggressive and stubborn to placid
  • young and idealistic
  • guardian of a purely rational civic and social order
  • McEvoy: real people making bad decisions that lead to terrible results


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