Perseus Dance Vase - prescribed source

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  • Perseus Dance Vase 420BC
    • What is shown on this vase?
      • two audience members watching a play - possibly the judges
      • a comic actor dancing on stage
        • Perseus
      • Perseus is holding a sickle and a bag which would have Medusa's head in
    • Costume/ Masks/ Props
      • actor wearing a nude suit
      • full mask with facial hair
      • comic props - a bag and a scythe
        • bag is comical becuase it is supposed to have Medusa's head inside - this is a flimsy bag therefore could easily e used for comedic purposes
    • Limitations
      • no orchestra or chorus shown
      • we don't actually know what play this is showing
      • who are the audience members - judges, stratagoi, priests, playwrite?
      • tiers of wooden seating not shown
      • thing on the right is hard to interpret/ identify
      • Pot is largely damaged so finer details have been lost
    • Red Figure, Attic vase, 420BC
      • Only vase found in Attica depicting audience and stage
    • How is this vase useful?
      • unique - shows steps, stage, audience
      • evidence of nude suits and props
      • front row chairs in a theatre
      • play being performed on stage
      • wooden stage


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