Personality, Health and Illness

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  • Personality, Health and Illness
    • Actor observer bias
      • People overestimate situation over a person
    • Antisocial behaviours are not in line with social norms
      • Coomes under classification of personality disorder
      • Individuals are aggressive, risky activities
      • Psychopaths are the extreme clinical expression of these characteristics
    • Fundimental attribution error
      • Usually blame person not the situation
    • Traits that are stable across time and situations but situations can be a better determinant of eventual behaviour
    • 5  Main Personality Dimentions
      • Conscientiousness
        • Hostility predicts lower health
      • Openness
        • Decreases across lifespan
      • Neurotiscism
        • Tendancy to notice negatives
        • Increased relationship with depression and anxiety
      • Agreeableness
        • Low agreeableness and conscientiousness correlate with criminal and anti-social behaviour
        • Decreases across lifespan
      • Introversion-Extroversion
        • Extraversion and consciouness predict longer lives
    • Emotional stabilty increases most between 20 and 40


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