Personnel involved in a criminal investigation

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  • Personnel involved in a criminal investigation
    • Police
      • Arrest people
      • Enforce the law
      • first to respond
      • Take statements from witnesses
      • Safeguard the public
    • Crime Scene Investigators (CSI)
      • Employed by the police to gather evidence
      • Preserve the crime scene
      • Civilians with specialist training and science degree
    • Forensic Scientist
      • Collect evidence from CSI and further study into the events that occured
      • Complete a report containing their interpretation and analysis of evidence
      • May look at: computers, toxicology, dentistry psychology and fire
    • Pathologists
      • Medical doctors that specialise in studying the causes of death and disease
      • All investigations include post mortem  examinations
      • Look for foul play on the body (bruises, needle marks, internal such as organs)
    • Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
      • Independent prosecution service operation across England and Wales in 14 regional offices
      • Uses a panel of 2000+ solicitors and barristers along with other staff to handle half a million+ cases per year
      • Advises police on cases for possible prosecution
      • Review cases that are submitted and decide whether to prosecute
      • Prepare cases for court hearings and collecting evidence from police and disclosing material to the defence


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