Phillip II The Golden Age

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  • Phillip II The Golden Age of Spain 1556-98
    • Golden Age- often imaginary past time of peace, prosperity + happiness
      • Period when a specified art, skill or activities is at its peak
      • Time better than what came before + after
    • Religious themes mainly in Golden age paintings
    • Spanish military triumph shown through architecture
    • Gil de Siloe (Castilian sculptor) did a number of impressively solemn wooden figures, such as those in Burges cathedral
    • Commissioned El Escorial- took an oath to build monastery dedicated to St Lawrence after victory over French at Battle of St Quentin 1557
    • Launched Multilingual version of the Bible
    • Promoted learning of science and reforming university curriculum's
    • Brought back ideas n from Netherlands + Italy upon return to Spain to complete building lavish gardens + buildings


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