Photography and beauty standards

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  • Photography and beauty standards
    • Chapter 2
      • commercial photography
        • Akin Andwele
        • Lil Miquela
        • vogue magazines
        • personal response and interpretation
    • Chapter 3
      • perception of beauty around the world
        • Ether Honig
          • beauty around the world compilation according to photoeditors around the world
        • Atlas of beauty
          • images around the world
          • different traditions and cultures
          • more than just a prettty face
    • Chapter 1
      • history of photoshop
        • early processes
        • before the software photoshop
        • manipulating photos by hand
      • photographers
        • Calvert Richard Jones
        • William Henry Fox Talbolt
        • Frederick Scott Archer
        • Ansel Adams
    • Chapter 4
      • How photography can also challenge beauty standards
        • redefining what is considered 'beautiful'
        • impact that it can have on individuals
        • photoshop in a good way (put to use which is beneficial for the audience)
          • obvious use of photoshop as a way of raising awareness
      • include personal creative response
    • Initial ideas
      • Commercial photography impact on perception of beauty
        • celebrities
        • photoshop
          • manipulation of images
        • marketing and media
        • social media
        • around the world
    • Creative response ideas
      • using dolls
        • macro lens?
      • using the studio
        • different lighting
          • rembrandt with honeycomb
          • flatlight
            • softbox




With the right camera equipment, you can even photograph wavelengths of light invisible to the human eye, including UV, infrared, and radio.



It seems to me that doing Art is always great. Some people dance, some sing, and I really like to photograph nature and animals. But a year ago I didn’t know how to do it at all and somehow this site appeared on the Internet where I took a photography course. After passing, I got a job as a photographer in a zoo and people admire my photos.



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