Physical Changes In Adolescence

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  • Physical Changes in Adolescence
    • Definitions
      • Adolescence
      • Hormones
        • Chemical substance produced in the body and transported in the blood stream that control and regulate body cells or body organs
      • Puberty
        • A period of rapid growth during which young people reach sexual maturity, and become biologically able to reproduce and secondary sexual characteristics develop
      • Secondary characteristic
        • Emerge during the puberty phase
          • Breast enlargement
          • Development of pubic hair
      • Primary characteristics
        • Present at birth and comprise of the external and internal genitalia
        • Uterus
        • Penis
        • Testes
        • Vagina
        • Ovaries
    • Puberty
      • Girls
        • The hormones oestrogen and progesterone are produced by the ovaries
        • The hormones stimulate the growth of:
          • Growth spurts
          • The breasts
          • Reproductive Systsem
          • Helps regulate the menstrual cycle
        • Usually starts at 11-13 years old but can be earlier or later
      • Boys
        • The hormone testosterone is produced by the testes
        • It stimulates the growth of:
          • Growth spurts
          • The penis and testes
          • Pubic hair growth
          • The development of muscle
          • Lowering of the voice
        • Usually starts between 13-15 years old
      • Both
        • Increases in height
        • Acquisition of muscle mass
        • Distribution of body fat
    • Hormones in sexual maturity
      • Pituitary gland controls and releases the sex hormones in both male and females
      • Hormones can cause mood swings
      • Female Hormones
        • Oestrogen
        • Progesterone
      • Male Hormones
        • Testosterone


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