Physical Setting

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  • Physical Setting
    • Costume
      • Marian Bruce
      • Costumes reflect 1960s dress.
      • Male
        • men’s velvet jackets, colourful shirts and co-ordinated ties completed by black jazz shoes.
        • Jagger’s ‘dandy’ phase
        • were initially original 1960s garments bought from second-hand shops.
        • Their jackets are maroon, brown, black, green and blue
        • The men’s trousers were specially made in strong stretch fabric to give the impression of jeans.
        • Ruby Tuesday
          • black jackets
        • Paint It Black
          • discard their jackets
        • Sympathy for The Devil
          • discard their jackets
      • Female
        •  sleeveless black dresses, the skirts of which fall to just above the knee and have box-pleats with red inserts.     sheer black tights and black jazz shoes.
        • simple, chic dresses, with a black and red colour-scheme throughout.
        • Play with Fire
          • sleeveless black minishifts evoking Mary Quant’s 60s fashions.
          • the woman also has a red feather boa which is used as much as a prop as a part of the costume.
        • Paint it Black
          • sleeveless black minishifts evoking Mary Quant’s 60s fashions.
          • the trio’s costumes are completed by red neck-scarves,
        • Ruby Tuesday
          • hippie look: long, full skirted red dress with long sleeves although originally in Geneva she wore a long, straight, black dress with thigh-high split.
      • individuality and variation in the colourful costumes for the men, the women’s are identical.
    • Lighting
      • Tina MacHugh
      • areas picked in light.
      • centre is illuminated and it is into this pool of light that the first dancer walks performing the ‘Rooster strut’.
      • Sometimes the light fills the stage and at other times just picks out an individual performer (or detail such as the hand fading away at the end of the third song).
      • ‘Sympathy for The Devil’ has the most complex and obviously changing light plot.
    • Stage
      • Effect
        • Black Box
      • Entrances and exits from several wings
      • Formal Proscenium Arch theatre
      • Backdrop
        • Cyclorama
      • Does Not Change Throughout the work
      • Undecorated stage


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