Physical Activity

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  • Physical Activity
    • Physical Education
      • The learning of physical, personal and preparatory and qualitative values through formal physical activity in schools
    • Physical Recreation
      • Physical activities that are done for a variety of reasons/benefits at an unsophisticated level eg game of badminton
    • Outdoor Recreation
      • Physical recreation in the natural environment eg a country walk
    • Sport
      • Organised, competitive and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play eg regional/national team
    • Healthy Balanced Lifestyles
      • Day to day life that has equilibrium, quality and wellness which includes exercise, good diet, injury and illness prevention, sleep
    • Lifelong Physical Activity
      • Enjoyable, health enhancing movement that is sustained throughout life eg yoga
  • Outdoor Eduction
    • Young people learning in and about the natural environment, involving risk
  • Exercise/Physical Exercise
    • Planned or structural physical activity requiring physical effort that is done to improve health/fitness eg swimming
  • Lifetime Sport
    • Activities that can be enjoyed over the course of a lifetime


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