Physical Education 1.1.1 MindMap

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  • 1.1.1
    • Healthy Active Lifestyle
      • Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
        • Physical
          • Your heart, kidneys and the rest of your body are working well.
          • You're not suffering from any diseases or injuries
          • You're not physically weak so you can easily do everyday activities
          • Benefits of physical activity
            • Health - You can maintain or improve your health with regular physical activity. You can reduce your chances of getting ill and increase your life expectancy
            • Fitness - You can increase your strength, endurance, flexibility and overall fitness
            • Performance - The more you do an activity, the better you will get at it
        • Mental
          • You don't have too much stress or anxiety
          • Your not suffering from any mental illnesses
          • You feel content
          • Benefits of physical activity
            • Feeling Good - The release of serotonin increases during physical activity making you feel good
            • Stress relief - Physical activity relieves stress and prevents stress-related illness
            • Self esteem - Increases confidences and makes you feel better about yourself
            • Competition and physical challenge - Physical activity can challenge you and drive you to do the best you can
              • Competition - Working against others to achieve a mutual goal
        • Social
          • You have food, clothing and shelter
          • You have friends
          • You believe you have some worth in society
          • Benefits of physical activity
            • Friends - Doing physical activity can help you to make friends with different people
            • Cooperation and Team work - By taking part in team activities like football, you have to learn to cooperate and work with others
              • Cooperation - Working with others to achieve a mutual goal
      • PEASED
        • Personal Hygiene
          • Keeping yourself clean - Helps avoid diseases and does social life good
        • Emotional Health
          • Feeling good - Avoiding too much stress and worry - Can be caused by friends and relationships aswell as work.
        • Diet
          • You need the right balance of nutrients so you can cope with your lifestyle
        • Alcohol/Drug Use
          • Misuse of substances can lead to poor health - Alcohol and Tobacco
        • Safety
          • A dangerous job or hobby can lead to injury - Using proper equipment could prevent this
        • Environment
          • Pollution can cause respiratory problems - Noise can cause stress and affect your sleep.


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