A View from the Bridge- Arthur Miller

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  • A View from the Bridge- Arthur Miller
    • Eddie
      • Married to Beatrice
      • Catherine's Uncle
        • Very protective over her
        • In love with her (jealous of Rodolfo)
      • Master of the house
      • Selfish
      • Conflict- Physical conflict with rodolfo. and also verbal conflict with the other characters
    • Beatirce
      • Married to Eddie
      • Catherine's Auntie
      • Loving and caring
      • Is aware of Eddie's feelings for Catherine
      • Wants Catherine to become independent (Eddie doesn't like this)
    • Catherine
      • Attractive, energetic and cheerful
      • Loves Eddie like a father
      • Prepared to take sides when Eddie and Rodolfo have conflict
      • Falls in love with Rodolfo
    • Rodolfo
      • Falls in love with Catherine
      • Younger brother of Marco
      • Wants to become a US citizen to marry Catherine
      • Good sense of humour so becomes popular (except not to Eddie)
      • Very talented at singing (Eddie becomes jealous)
    • Marco
      • Beatrice's cousin
      • Loves his family very much (in Sicily)
      • Speaks clearly and simply
      • Protective over Rodolfo,
    • Alferi
      • He acts as the commentator (sets the scene, intro to the characters)
      • Local Lawer


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