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  • physics (GCSE, AQA, P1)
    • energy efficiency in the home
      • % energy lost diagram
      • ways to improve energy eficiency
        • Insulate Your Home
          • insulate with caulking or weather ********* to make sure doors and windows are properly sealed
        • Revamp Your Windows
          • Replace Aluminum Frames.
          • Get Multiple Panes.
          • Tint Your Windows
    • sankey diagrams
      • sankey diagram image
        • thickness of the arrow represents the amount of energy
        • the arrows coming of represent the different energy transformations
        • the length of the arrows doesn't represent anything
        • efficiency of a sankey diagram= useful energy out/ total energy in (*100)
    • the cost of electricity
      • electricity is measured in KWH(kilowatt-hours)
      • e=p×t
        • energy= power×time
    • The Big Bang Theory
    • electricity resources
      • Untitled
      • hydraulic power
      • wind power


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