Piaget and Play

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  • Piaget and the Stages of Play
    • Piaget highlighted the importance of play for learning and development
    • Solitary Play
      • 0-18 moths
      • Link s to Piaget's stage of development called Sensorimotor
        • Explore their environments with their hands, mouths, other senses
      • Playing independently sometimes with the same toy
      • Object permanence
        • 'peek a boo' is a good example as they will believe you really have disappeared
        • They will only play with the toys that they can see
    • Parallel Play
      • Still in the sensorimotor stage of intellectual development
      • Unable to share or take turns
      • Object permanence
        • They are focused and only interested in the object they are playing with it does not matter if someone else joins
        • They are still aware of others presences
    • Associative Play
      • Egocentric thinking
        • Able to develop a sense of play pretend and use their imagination for fantises
          • Only from their own perspective
      • Begin to play with each other
        • But believe that the other person will be thinking and feeling exactly how they do
    • Co-operative Play
      • Start forming friendships and social relationships
      • Egocentric thinking
        • Still unable to see thing from others perspectives


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