Piaget's Model of Cognitive Development

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  • Piaget's Model of Cognitive Development
    • Piaget: Children think in a different way to adults.
    • Key Concepts
      • Concrete: Solving problems as long as they can be seen physically.
      • Egocentric: To see from another's perspective.
      • Conservation: The quantity of something stays the same, even if its appearance changes.
      • Abstract: Solving problems with your imagination.
    • Schemas
      • A category of knowledge and how we gain it.
      • Equilibrium: A child understands all they see around them.
      • Disequilibrium: An imbalance between what is seen and what is understood.
    • The Stages
      • Pre-Operational (2-7 years)
      • Concrete Operational (7-11 years)
      • Formal Operational (11-18 years)
      • Sensorimotor (Birth - 2 years)


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