Planning your exam time!!

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  • Planning your exam time!!
    • Reading time: 1. Read the questions to find out what you need to look for when you read the texts.2. Skim the texts to get a sense of the main ideas and themes. 3. Read the texts again, carefully, this time annotating them when you  find information you will need in your answers.
    • The English language GCSE consists of two exam papers.  Paper 1 (fiction and imaginative writing) is worth 40% of your GCSE, and paper 2 (non-fictional and transactional writing) is worth 60%
    • Getting it right: This reading time is important, and so is any time you have left after answering the questions.  When you've finished writing, use any spare time to check and proofread your work.
    • Both papers of the English Language GCSE include a Writing section (section B).  There are different types of writing task in each paper.


sophie atkinson


How did everyone that is a GCSE student get on with there exams??

Do you guys think that I will get through mine alright??

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