Plant cell mind-map

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  • Contains
    • Cell wall
      • Supports the cell. Made of cellulose
    • Vacuole
      • Contains cell sap, a solution of sugar and salts
    • Chloroplast
      • Contain chlorophyll which absorbs light for photosynthesis
    • Nucleus
      • Contains the genetic material that controls the cell activities
    • Plant Cell
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    • Cytoplasm
      • Where most of the chemical reactions happen.
        • It also contains enzymes that control these reactions
    • Cell membrane
      • Controls what goes in and out of the cell and keeps the contents together
    • Mitochondria
      • This is where the reactions for aerobic respiration happen
        • Respiration is needed to transfer energy to the cell
    • Ribosome
      • Proteins are made here




It took a lot of effort of doing this, I hope this’ll help you with your revision, KS3.

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