Plasticity and FRAT

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  • Plasticity and FRAT
    • Brain plasticity
      • The brain can change throughout life
        • This is achievable through synaptic pruning
          • Synaptic pruning is when rarely-used connections are deleted, and frequently used connections are strengthened
      • Maguire et al.
        • Positive correlation between time as a taxi driver, and size of hippocampus
      • Evaluation
        • Strengths
          • May be a life-long ability
        • Weaknesses
          • Plasticity can have negative behavioural consequences
    • Process of functional recovery after trauma
      • Axonal sprouting
        • New nerve endings connect with other undamaged nerve cells to form new pathways
      • Denervation supersensitivity
        • Axons that do a similar job work at a higher level to compensate for the damaged ones
      • Recruitment of homologous areas
        • The other hemisphere takes on tasks
      • Evaluation
        • Strengths
          • Real world application for neurorehabilitation
        • Weaknesses
          • Level of education may influence recovery rates


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