Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards Introduction

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  • Plate Tectonics and Associated Hazards
    • Jigsaw fit shows the buldge of South America fitting into the indent below West Africa
      • Noted by Francis Bacon in the 17th century but had no way of proving it
    • 1912 Alfred Wegner showed that the world was a single continent 300 million years ago called Pangaea
      • This then split into Lauraisia and Gondwanaland
        • Present continents
    • Tsunami- large large powerful waves generated by shallow focus underwater earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, underwater debris slides and large landslides in the see.
    • Volcano - An opening or vent through which magma, molten rock erupts onto the surface of the earth.
    • Plate tectonics - A theory that explains the formation and distribution of the Earth's major structual features in terms of a series of plates that make up it's surface
    • Plate - lithosphere upper crust and mantle divided into a number of segments. These rigid slabs float underlying semi molten mantle (asenthosphere) and are moved by convection currents.
    • Hot spot - nA point on the surface of the earth located above a plume of rising magama eg Hawaiian Islands.
    • Glaciation of the late carboniferous period, deposits can be found in South America, Antartica and India.
      • Striation on rocks in Brazil in West Africa
    • Rock sequences in northern Scotland closely agree with those found in Eastern Canada indicates that they were under the same conditions in one location and then moved apart.
    • Fossil brachiopod found in Indian limestone are similar to the fossils found in australia.
    • Fossils of reptile Meosaurus both found in South America and Southern Africa.
      • They couldnt of developed in sperate places or migrated to the two different areas across the atlantic.
        • Fossilised remains of plants which existed when coal was being formed have only been located in India and the Antartica.
    • Mid atlantic ridge  was discovered and studied similar feature was later discovered in the Pacific ocean.
    • Sea floor was spreading, iron particles in lava erupted upon the ocean floor aligned with theearths magnetic field.


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