Police and other relations

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  • Relationship between Police and other personnel
    • Probation service
      • PS help reform. They will give treatments etc and perhaps conditions.  PS will contact Police to arrest if they don't follow their conditions.
        • May contact Police if they feel other people are in danger
          • Possible transfer any data required after court and any personal details
            • If the offender is brought back into court the information may need to be used as evidence from PS to police
    • CPS
      • Ask for advice on the law
      • Warrant or extended bail
    • The Courts
      • Officer may act as a witness for a case or be somehow involved
        • May transport from court
    • Other organisations (victim or women refuges)
      • Police provide victims adn witnesses with appropriate support after crime
      • Police will organise it for the v or w
    • Prison service
      • They will gain details on an offender from Police
        • Police may transport offender to prison from court or from custody


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