Policies and Procedures + Health and Safety, Equality and Diversity, Medication Policies

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  • Policies and Procedures
    • Policy
      • Policies are rules and guidelines issued by organisations
      • They can be helpful when making decisions about a service user
      • Policies can differ from organisation to organisation, but the basis is still the same
    • Procedures
      • Procedures are set ways of getting things done
      • They infomr  HSC professionals about the required and expected routines
      • They can come in many forms such as a checklist
      • Any form is allowed as long as it stages the necessary routine
    • What do they ensure?
      • Quality of practice
      • All staff follow the same guidelines
      • All staff know what to do in a given situation
      • Promotion of well-being, safety, security, and meeting the standards of care
      • That professionals work under the law and legislation that is in place
      • To protect service users and professionals
    • Health and Safety Policy
      • A document outlining an organisations commitment and approach to managing health and safety in a work place
      • Statement of intent
        • Sets out the organisations aims and objectives
      • Roles and responsibilities
        • Outline who has specific responsibility and what they are responsible for
      • Arrangement s
        • Details how the risks are managed in a workplace
    • Equality and Diversity Policy
      • A written agreement explaining how the organisation will:
        • Avoid discrimination
        • Promote equality and inclusivity
        • Create a diverse company culture
        • Protect those who have the 9 protected characterisitcs
    • Medication Policy
      • A doccument explaining to staff the legislations and professional codes of practice surrounding medication
      • A procedure to assess staff competence
        • A procedure for administration
      • How records are held
        • How medicines are obtained
          • Obtaining residents consent
            • How medicines are stored
      • How to dispose of medicines
        • How to deal with medical errors and incidents


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