Policies and Procedures - Safeguarding, Complaints, Legislations

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  • Policies and Procedures
    • Safeguarding Policy
      • A document that demonstrates what should be done when safeguarding becomes a concern
      • Legal framework
      • Related policies and procedures
      • Contact details for people to complain or report something
      • What staff should do if there is an incident, allegation, or concerns raised
      • Definitions of abuse, harm, and neglect
      • Who is responsible for safeguarding matters
      • Do's and don'ts as advice for employees
    • Complaints Policy
      • A document that sets out how an organisation will deal with any complaints from its users
      • States clearly who to contact when making a complaint
        • Telephone number or email address
      • What they can complain about
      • States what will happen during the complaint's procedure
      • How staff will be protected if they whistleblow on a colleague
      • Procedures for complaints and whistleblowing
    • Legislations
      • Are laws that everyone has to follow
      • Policies and procedures are built upon the legislations and laws
      • These include:
        • The Health and Social Care Act 2021
        • The Care Act 2014
        • Equality Act 2010
        • Human Rights Act 1998
        • Mental Capacity Act 2005


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