Political Parties Overview

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    • Parties differ from pressure groups in that they have a genuine desire to be returned to office, instead of contesting in elections to raise the profile of their chosen cause.
    • A political party is a group of like-minded individuals who come together with the aim of realising their shared goals by fielding candidates at elections and thereby securing election to public office.
    • The main UK political parties are highly hierarchical organisations comprising a number of different organisational levels, from local and constituency parties to the national party level. The MEPs elected to represent the main UK parties in the European Parliament sit in transnational ideological grouping as opposed to a single national group.
    • In response to three consecutive general election defeats (1997-2005), David Cameron sought to 'detoxify' the Conservative brand by campaigning on issues such as the environment and social inclusion.
    • Party funding has proven a contentious issue in recent years as the revenue generated from membership subscriptions has declined and the main parties have become increasingly reliant on donations from wealthy individuals.


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