Political, social, cultural and environmental contexts of Nigeria

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  • Exploring Nigeria
    • political context
      • during the colonial period, Europeans exploited Africa's resources and people
        • Nigeria was ruled by the UK as a colony but became independent in 1960
      • political instability hindered development and led to widespread corruption
        • since 1999, it has had a stable government
      • several countries are starting to invest in Nigeria (e.g China, USA)
    • social context
      • mutli-ethnic and multi-faith country
        • this has been a source of conflict, incl a civil war between 1967 and 1970
      • economic inequality between Islamic north and Christian south of Nigeria has created new religious and ethnic tensions
    • cultural context
      • Nigerian music - e.g the musician Fela Kuti
      • Nollywood is the 2nd largest film industry in the world
      • well-known Nigerian writers incl Wole Soyinka
      • the football team has won the African Cup of Nation thrice
    • environmental context
      • Nigeria's natural environment s form a series of bands because of decreasing rainfall towards the North


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