Political + Social Impact of WW1

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  • Political + social impact of the WW1
    • Outbreak
      • Enabling Act of Burgfrieden
      • Huge demonstrations against war
      • General consensus
      • Reichstag delegated all legislative power to the Bundesrat
        • Reichstag did not once change any laws
    • Political polarisation towards end of war
      • USA declaring war on Germany in 1917 was key.
      • Split in the Socialist party and the creation of the USPD
      • Founding of the German Fatherland party
        • Founding of their rival, the Peace League for Freedom and Fatherland
    • Food
      • Germany not self sufficent
      • Grain production down
    • Women
      • By the end of the war 1/3 of the industrial work force were female
    • Opposition
      • 1914-16 =Minimal
        • Aug 1914 - 14/110 socialists in the Reichstag argued against war
        • Liebknecht and Luxemburg spent war in prison.
      • 1917
        • Opposition grew as losses and casualties totalled 6.2 million
    • Introduction of Hindenburg programme marked beginning of total war
      • Failed overall to provide the required effiecency
    • Gap between those who were salaried and those who were not closed
    • Kaiser abdicated


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