Poor Practice - Victoria Climbe

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  • Poor Practice
    • Victoria Climbe
      • Died in London 2000 whilst in the care of her great aunt and uncle
        • Died from abuse
      • Originally from the Ivory Coast (Africa)
        • Sent to England to live a better life
      • They were seen by several organisations who noticed signs of abuse
        • Social workers
        • Police
        • Housing authorities
        • NHS
        • NSPCC
        • Local churches
      • The Lord Laming Enquiry
        • The enquiry into Victorias life
          • Set up by the direction of Lord Laming
        • It identified :
          • Several examples of poor practice within organisations and services
          • Poor levels of communication between organisations and services
        • The next steps:
          • Ever y Child Matters initiative (2003)
          • The Children Act (2004)
    • Every Child Matters (2003)
      • Included 5 outcomes
        • Being safe
        • Being healthy
        • Enjoying and achieving
        • Making a positive contribution
        • Achieving economic wellbeing
      • Intended to enable children to achieve their potential
      • How they aim to help children achieve the 5 outcomes
        • Setting standards
        • Promoting equality of opportunity
        • Creating a framework for partnership working
        • Improving quality and consistency
        • Laying a secure foundation for future learning and development
    • Children Act 2004
      • A Director of Children's Services in every local authority
        • Responsible for the care and education in that area
      • Setting up local safeguarding boards
      • All services have a duty to cooperate


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