POPP2406 Week 3

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  • POPP2406 Week 3
    • Regulation
      • State started to lose its power due to capitalism
        • Increased regulation and regulatory power to control the capitalist system
          • Grew during the Industrial Revolution
            • Previous regulatory systems  failed to fix the problems of workers which created trade unions
              • The state responded to this pressure by creating new procedures and regulatory bodies e.g. factory inspections, general board of health
      • Politics
        • Free market system does not last long and there must be regulatory powers for capitalism to surive
        • Different actors will influence the regulatory system to suit their own interests
          • e.g. companies prefer regulatory bodies that offers opportunities, incentives and promotes investment
      • History
        • During the "neoliberal revolution" regulation increased
          • Privatisation + marketisation encourages regulation
            • Privatisation increases regulatory power as bodies need to monitor business activity
        • However due to market-expanding regulatory power increasing, business power increases too which means the power of the gov reduces which may make the control of  capitalism more difficult
      • History
        • Graeber (2014) argues that the more economic expansion, the more you need to state institutions


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