Poppies, Jane Weir

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  • Poppies Jane Weir
    • Context
      • Weir born in 1963. Mother English Father Italian.
        • She is a textile artist as well as a poet and writer.
          • The Poem refers to Armistice Sunday (the Sunday closest to 11th November), it is the anniversary of the truce that ended WW1.
    • Form
      • Stanzas in two different lengths adn lines of around 10 syllables = control without rigidity, creating sense of natural speech.
      • "Slowly Melting"
        • Enjambment supports idea of words joining together in melting
    • Language
      • "spasms of red"
        • Pain related imagery, bloody wounds perhaps foreshadowing events or reflecting her fears.
      • "had already been placed"
        • Complete past tense prepares us for complex timelines/
      • "blockade"/"reinforcements"
        • Language from a military semantic field
      • "split second"/"after/Later"
        • Time markers used throughout poem to manage complex timelines
      • "bandages"
        • Connotations of injury or protecting herself like a boxer
      • "the world overflowing like a treasure chest"
        • Simile implies possibilities yet, he's heading off to war
      • "released a song bird from its cage"
        • metaphor for the mother's crying
    • Viewpoint
      • "before you left"
        • Untitled


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