Postmodernist View of Education

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  • Postmodernist View of Education
    • While Marxists (e.g. BOWLES & GINTIS) argue education exists to create an obedient workforce to work in repetitive manual jobs.
      • Postmodernists argue that as our economy has changed from Fordism (factory production) to post-Fordism (office work/ICT), the skills & qualities the workforce needs has changed. It now needs to be skilled, able to use technology, creative + self-motivated.
        • As a result, the education system has changed to provide such a workforce. This can be seen through the increase in the types of schools (academies/free schools) students can go to.
    • As our society has been more diverse & multi-cultural, education has changed to reflect this e.g. learning about different faiths.
      • Postmodernists think this is good, as opposed to just promoting one culture (e.g. White British) which could be seen as ethnocentric
        • Therefore, education doesn't just transmit one set of values/ideology, but a range
    • AO3: The New Right disagree that education should promote cultural diversity, as they believe it should promote white British culture instead, as this = the dominant culture in society.
    • AO3: Some argue that the curriculum is still largely ethnocentric, & that the promotion of other cultures is done in a tokenistic way (done because it has to be done e.g. having curry on the school menu during Diwali). Still mainly promotes white British culture, causing ethnic minority students to feel marginalised (left out) & in some cases underachieve




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