Potable water

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  • Potable Water
    • = safe to drink
      • Levels of dissolved salt not too high (pH 6.5 - 8.5). + no harmful microbes. No solid particles
    • Not pure - could contain lots dissolved minerals
    • Rainwater = freshwater
      • Surface water (lakes/rivers)
      • Groundwater (rocks - underground)
      • Treated to be drinkable
        • Filtration (wire mesh removes twigs. Gravel/sand beds remove other solids. Sterilised to kill bacteria/microbes)
        • Seawater - distillation (heat, steam leaves salts. steam condense + collected)
    • Practical: effects of distillation on seawater... Test pH. Without distillation, determine mass of dissolved salts (weigh basin, evaporate stuff, reweigh). Distil water then evaporate + find mass. Test pH again




Great information for those who want to know what they drink daily. Thanks fot sharing!

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