PoVA (Protection of Vulnerable Adults)

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  • PoVA
    • The main aspect of PoVA is to protect vulnerable adults
      • There is a list of names, these people are seen as unfit to work with vulnerable adults due to their past behaviour
      • Organisations have the responsibility to check paid and unpaid workers
      • Organisations have the responsibility to check the PoVA list alongside the CRB checks.
    • Strengths
      • Vulnerable adults are protected because PoVA reduces risk of harm to vulnerable adults
      • It ensures that people feels safe in a care environment
      • The PoVA scheme stops those whom are intent on harming vulnerable adults from working in a care setting
      • Gives family members peace of mind
    • Weaknesses
      • The scheme involves a lot of paperwork and other administrative procedures for care providers
      • The vulnerable adult may be too scared to speak up of any harm or abuse that is happening
      • People still slip through the net (recently, BBC panorama caught abuse of the elderly in a care home on cameras)
    • PoVA requires lots of people to work together
      • Police
      • Social Services
      • The vulnerable adults
      • Public
    • Who it includes...
      • Older people
      • People with a physical or mental impairment
      • People with learning difficulties
      • People with mental health problems
      • All partner agencies and organisations must co-operate and share information with each other on issues relating to the identification, investigation, treatment and prevention or abuse.
    • Covers all the types of abuse
      • Financial
      • Sexual
      • Neglect
      • Physical
      • Emotional
    • A vulnerable adult is someone who may be an easy target for victimisation, neglect or any kind of abuse
    • They have a list of care workers whom have offended in the past, service providers should always check this list before employing someone.
    • All vulnerable adults have the right to be protected from abuse
      • From 2004, providers of care were able to request checks against the PoVA list as part of the application for CRB disclosure




cool I think I like the idea of it it is really useful 4 me so ya

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